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Wet food for puppies and adolescent dogs: 24 x 400g Turkey + Pumpkin

Wet food for puppies and adolescent dogs: 24 x 400g Turkey + Pumpkin

Grain-free/cereal-free wet food for puppies and adolescent dogs.

✔ High meat content
✔ Vegetables and herbs
✔ No grains or gluten (no rice or corn)
✔ No artificial flavours or preservatives
✔ Made in Germany

2,04 € / can

24 x Wet food for puppies and adolescent dogs: 400g Turkey + Pumpkin

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Grain-free/cereal-free wet food for puppies and adolescent dogs: Turkey + Pumpkin puppy food consistently valuable ingredients, grain- and gluten-free, mono protein (24 x 400g can)

Food for Puppies

Grain-free/Cereal-free wet food for puppies and adolescent dogs with practical pull ring (no can opener required).

Our Nutricanis puppy food is an optimally tolerated complete food developed especially for puppies and adolescent dogs. Our dog food contains a single source of animal protein (mono protein). Nutricanis puppy food is completely grain- and gluten-free and contains no corn, rice, or soy. We do not use preservatives or flavour enhancers. Instead, our food is made with valuable ingredients such as high-quality meats and fresh vegetables. Your puppy thus receives essential vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and nutrients for healthy growth and a good start to a healthy, active life.

Puppy food ingredients

Ingredients: Composition: 64% turkey consisting of turkey heart, turkey meat, turkey liver, turkey neck, 28.5% broth, 3% pumpkin, 3% carrot, 1% minerals, 0.2% herbs, 0.2% safflower oil, 0.1% eggshell powder

Grain- and gluten-free puppy food

We never use grains or gluten-containing ingredients in our dog food because they may cause allergies or food intolerances in dogs. We also do not use preservatives, artificial flavourings, attractants, or sugar. Therefore, our puppy food is extremely well tolerated and geared towards the needs of your dog.

Feeding recommendations

Current weight of dog - feeding recommendation/day:
2.5-5 kg: 200-400 g
10-15 kg: 600-900 g
20-25 kg: 1000-1300 g

Our promise

As a matter of course, we disclose 100% of the ingredients we use. Nutricanis puppy food contains only the ingredients listed on the package. All of our products are developed without animal testing.

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